How we care for you and provide peace of mind

Profiducia is a business that provides administrative support to Individual Fiduciaries and offers them a collaborative environment to share their strengths, best practices, and experiences so they can focus their time and energies on their client’s needs.

The Fiduciaries that Profiducia supports provide services with discretion, trust, and integrity. Typical engagements include:

When you need a fiduciary in the future: when you are updating your estate plan and you want a professional ready to take care of things for you when the time comes. Roles include Personal Representative, Agent Under Power of Attorney, Trustee and others.

When you need a fiduciary today: when you want a professional you can count on to take care of your business needs right now, such as your household books and bill paying, being the neutral project manager of a complicated situation, and more. Common roles include Agent Under Power of Attorney, PR (Personal Representative), or Trustee.

When you have a special project or need other assistance: when you are in a fiduciary role as a PR, and you want assistance from a team of professionals that have been through it before.

Financial Plan

The choices we make that result in how we fund our life plan. It is the work we choose and the remuneration we get from it that finances the way we choose to live our lives.

Life Plan

How we spend our life personally, professionally and in our communities. It is the result of conscious planning that leads to where and how we live, spend our time, build our family structures, and more.